PJ Mehaffey

Graphic by Jessica Weit

Welcome to my portal of self-promotion. Glad y'all are here. I'm PJ, and I wear many hats- and actually, have even been known to rock a headset mic while carrying my own amplifier, when appropriate. (Though, honestly, y'all, when ISN'T that appropriate?) I'm an interior decorator, performer (STAR!), prop stylist/editor and blogger. And let's just seal the deal folks, since we're already way beyond triple-threat territory here, I'm also a self-described 'style friend'. Uh-huh. Meaning, I'm the friend who serves you sassy style advice on how to find the fabulous in your space. I handle decorating and style through my company, Alchemy Eclectic. Now 5, 6, 7, 8 let's go dance & decorate!

And if y'all really want to get style slapped... visit my store, the AE Shop!